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NPCC has attained specialization in construction of Canal Systems by successfully completing major canal network in India, Iraq and Nepal. NPCC undertook the construction of canal systems and aqueducts early on in 1957 with Chambal canal network at Murena M.P. NPCC has to its credit the manufacture and laying of steel water conductor system for Lagayap Hydel Project, Sikkim in 1978-79 involving 50 mm thick steel penstock indigenously fabricated at site. NPCC has constructed large number of irrigation structures in different parts of the country as under:-

Head Race Channel for Indirasagar Project, M.P.
Sharda Sahayak Poshak Canal, U.P.
Canal Structure, Sabalgarh, M.P.
Chambal Canal, Rajasthan
Canal Structure, Sheopur, M.P
AI-Edawiyah Irrigation Canal and Drainage System, Iraq
Kalisindh and Parwan Aqueducts, Rajasthan
Kunwari Aqueduct actoss river Kunwri, M.P.
Flood Protection and other Civil Works at Baramulla, J&K
Power Channel No. 1 and 2 for Subarnarekha HEP, Bihar
Approach Channel & other allied civil works for Anapara TPS, U.P.
Bagmari Siphon, Farraka, W.B.
Mula Spillway, Maharashtra
Gumti Canal, Tripura
Parallel Siphon & Hill Protection Tripura
Bariyarpur Canal Works, M.P.
Datia Carrier Canal for Bansagar Project, M.P
Power Channel for Loktak HE Project and Loktak Irrigation Project, Manipur
Bariyarpur Canal Works, M.P.
Maharani Canal in Tripura
Manu Canal in Tripura